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  • Sign up

    • 1. Click the sign up button. (red box)
    • 2. Please fill in the required information.
      2-1. Enter your email and password. Password must be at least 8 characters consisting of English alphanumeric special characters
      2-2. Terms of use consent check.
      2-3. Press the SIGN UP button.
    • 3. The above screen will appear and you will receive an e-mail with your e-mail address. may be delayed by 10 to 30 minutes.
      4. Click the Verify email from nd_ex in the email box you just joined.
    • 5. Click "Verify your email" in the received e-mail to complete the authentication.
  • Wallet generation

    • You can create a card in your name.
    • When transferring coins from an external exchange, a wallet address is generated.
      The following screen shows the images that have been created.
  • Coin deposit

    • New member must issue Bitcoin address.
      Be sure to check and deliver the address of the BTC wallet.
      In case of an incorrect deposit due to confusing Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cache (BCH) deposit wallet addresses
      Connect is not responsible for any of the above and any problems arising from customer careless behaviour.

    Coin withdrawal

    • Be sure to check and use the credit card (BTC) address.
      In case the wallet address of the Bitcoin Cache (BCH) is confused and withdrawn incorrectly.
      Connect is not responsible for any of the above and any problems arising from customer careless behaviour.
      Minimum withdrawal amount : 0.0001 BTC / Payment Fee : 0.01 BTC
  • Purchase of coins

    • 1. Purchase BTC Quantity - Purchase registration if you enter the quantity of bit coin (BTC) you want to purchase.
      Click Max to automatically enter the amount of bit coins (BTC) in KRW.
      2. 1 1 Purchase price per BTC . The unit price you want to purchase per BTC. That is, enter the price you want to purchase.
      3. Automatic current - Check the automatic (current price) input and you can buy it at the current rate.

    Coin sale

    • 1. You can register by entering the quantity of the bit coin (BTC) you are selling.
      Click Max to register the total bit coin (BTC) quantity.
      2. 1 Enter the amount you want to sell per BTC.
      3. Automatic current - Check automatic (current price) input to sell at the current price.
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